What is the Difference Between a Tile and Shingle Roof?

What is the difference between a tile and shingle roof

What is the Difference Between a Tile and Shingle Roof?

What is the difference between a tile and shingle roof? One of the biggest differences is in the cost. A tile roof will typically cost you more than a shingle roof. However, the difference in cost is not anywhere near the difference in quality. In fact, tiles are usually much better constructed and hold up better to the elements than shingles. There are several reasons that a tile roof might cost more but the most important one is durability.

Roofing tiles were traditionally used for roof decks and other low-sloped areas. Today they are commonly used for all sorts of residential and commercial structures because of their durability and strength. They are made from cement and can withstand anything nature can throw at them. Even a few hundred thousand tons of rain pounding on the roof will not cause it to cave in or collapse.

Tile roofs have two layers – a base and a top. The middle layer is often made from gravel and shingles are added for aesthetic appeal. The actual roof is attached to the base by metal ribs and then topped with a felt cover to make it waterproof. It does not require a chimney to vent out but a simple drafty roof will work just as well.

The difference in quality between tiles and shingles can be subtle. Tiles are much less susceptible to the weather destroying them and they are much sturdier. Some people even believe that tiles are safer because they are made out of glass but this is just not true. Shingles are completely waterproof and can withstand any type of weather.

A final difference between tiles and shingles is in the maintenance of the roof. Tile roofs must be properly maintained over a period of time while shingles only need to be replaced every few years. Tile can become more expensive over time due to the materials and labor required to install them. However, this cost is well worth the initial investment because it will save money on expensive repairs in the future.

The question “What is the difference between a tile roof and a shingle roof?” can be answered by simply realizing that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. If you are looking to replace your roof or have an existing roof repaired then you should definitely consider tiles if your budget permits. In addition, if you want to build a brand new roof then the choice is yours.