A More Durable Alternative

Metal Roofing

A More Durable Alternative

A metal roof is a roofing structure made entirely of metal tiles or pieces characterized by its durability, impermeable and high resistance to the elements. It is typically part of the outer building envelope. Steel, aluminum and zinc alloys are most often used.

Metal roofing is particularly suitable for hot climates because its reflective properties keep hot sun from entering the interior of a building. In addition, it can help reduce electricity bills by reducing heat transfer through convection. A metal roofing system is quite attractive in urban environments. Lightweight metal roofing systems are often used on roofs of apartment buildings. They provide ample protection from harsh weather and provide an elegant and unobtrusive backdrop to the building.

However, there are some downsides to metal roofs. Metal roofs are more expensive than other roofing materials, and they deteriorate at a much slower rate. This problem is especially visible on tropical islands where intense sunlight may be a daily occurrence for years.

On a positive note, however, metal roofing lasts a significantly long time even with extensive use. Metal is highly resistant to impact and corrosion, which makes it ideal for the roofing of ships, stadiums, and other structures exposed to heavy human traffic. In fact, metal roofing systems are commonly seen on sky scrapers. Its lifespan may also be extended with proper maintenance. Maintaining the roof, for instance, by cleaning debris and removing dirt, helps lengthen the lifespan of a metal roof.

The metal roofing system has also been proven to withstand extreme winds. It has been found that many roof damage and collapse cases have occurred because of extreme winds. Although there are no reports yet on the number of hail storm related deaths or injuries, many insurance companies have issued policies for hail related losses. If you live in an area that receives excessive amounts of hail, it is important to get a hail proof metal roof so you will not be forced to spend thousands of dollars to repair your roof due to hail damage.

In conclusion, metal roofing does have many advantages over conventional asphalt shingles. Not only are they a far less costly option, but they also last a far less amount of time, and require virtually no maintenance at all. They have also been found to be much more resistant to impact and corrosion, and to stand up to extreme temperatures and wind speeds. Although it may seem like a downside when you first hear about them, there are definitely many benefits to choosing metal roofing. So when you come across a need to replace your current roof, consider getting a metal roof installation instead.